We are animal lovers.  We know animals are innocent and beautiful.  None of us really made a decision about hurting them purposely, but we were born into a system that fed their body parts to us, without us getting a chance to decide if we were even OK with what happens to them before they land on our dinner plates.  

 Fast Facts About The Animals That Die For Us to Eat Them

* 99% of all animals that die are sent to slaughter on or before they are 8 months old.

* 60 Billion Animals Die Every Single Year For the World to Eat Them

* 3,000 Animals Die Per Second

* Each Person sends 100-300 Animals to Slaughter every year

* That is at least 7,000 animals dying for each person in their life

* 99.1% of all animals that you ever will eat of the 60 billion animals live on a factory farm. 

* Only 0.9% of all animals live on a small to medium sized family farm

* Most states mandate that all animals end up at the same slaughterhouses.

* Slaughterhouse transport is horrific. Animals are driven packed in trucks in 0* degrees or 100* degrees.

* It is Legal to transport animals for up to 28 Hours without food or water.  

Average Age of Animals that Die to become Meat

Chickens - 6 Weeks Old

Ducks - 8 Weeks Old

Goats - 4-5 Months Old

Turkeys - 4-5 Months Old

Lambs - 6 Months Old

Pigs - 6 Months Old

Baby Cows (veal) - 4-8 Months Old

Cows (Beef) - 1.5 Years

Average Age of Animals that Suffer for or Die as By-Products to Egg & Dairy

Male Chicks (egg by-product/can't produce eggs) -  1 Day Old

Chickens (egg laying hens) 18 months 
Pigs (breeding sows) 3-5 years 
Dairy cows 4 years 

Vegan Batgirl is here to reconnect you to the person that you always wanted to be.  The person that truly loves animals and knows that we are here to protect them, not dominate them and definitely not participate in this horrific process.  

Because whether you have desensitized yourself to their pain or ignore their suffering, animals are suffering tremendously to eat them.  I have witnessed animals come into slaughterhouses, and through their perspective, they are begging for our mercy and do not volunteer themselves to suffer.  More than 60 billion (9x the human population) are bred into existence every year, only to be killed before they are 8 months old. 



60 Billion Land Animals Killed Per Year; 3,000 per Second

"There are 7.2 Billion People on this planet.  Each year we kill more animals than 9x the human population.  Let's unravel this a bit and think about this for a second in regards to birthing them.  We breed 9x the human population into existence EVERY YEAR, take these baby animals and start their 1st day in a life of hell, completely unnatural to them and by no crime of their own, year in and year out."   -- Vegan BatGirl



Dear Oklahoma, let's protect animals...not hurt them.





Life expectancy verses age of death of "Livestock"

"Animals aren't kept around longer than they have to be, because farmers' paychecks increase the more animals that die.  Feeding these animals costs a lot and they look at these animals like products.  So the second that they hit "weight" to slaughter, which is usually when they are still a baby, they are shipped off to die. If we did any of these things to dogs, it would be ILLEGAL"

                                    -- Vegan BatGirl