Oklahoma ranks among worst in U.S. for health

"Overall, Oklahoma ranks No. 46 in the United States for its poor health behaviors and outcomes, according to the United Health Foundation's America's Health Rankings report."

Oklahoma Rankings - All Related to Animal Protein Consumption

- The third-highest rate of heart disease-related deaths, 326 deaths per 100,000 people. --> Cholesterol clogs your arteries. Cholesterol comes from Animals.

- The seventh-highest rate of cancer deaths, 215 cancer deaths per 100,000 people.  --> World Health Organization Data "showed positive associations between processed meat consumption and stomach cancer, and between red meat consumption and pancreatic and prostate cancer.

- The eighth-highest obesity rate, with 34 percent of adult Oklahomans classified as obese.

- The ninth-worst diabetes rate, at 12 percent of adults with diabetes.



If not, now, when?  It's time to fix the problem that could be plaguing your health, that is plaguing innocent animals and that is plaguing the planet.  Your obsession with Meat & Dairy and arrogance about eating animal carcasses every meal might be killing you.

And let's be honest, as dramatic as you may think that sounds, it's actually worse here, much much worse.  OKLAHOMA, ARE YOU LISTENING?  You have the 4th worst health of all states in the USA.  Everyone here either knows someone that has had a heart attack, is on heart meds themselves or has other issues that are likely caused by eating animals.  Hospitals are a BIG BUSINESS in this country and so is eating you won't catch anyone telling you the truth about the cause, when entire industries profit off of you being sick.  The amount of lies around this industry is astounding and while you are reading this, your first gut is to reject what I'm saying.  But, of course the elephant in the room, is just that.  The food you love to eat, the food that you crave the taste for, the food that is available everywhere and that every advertisement is for...might be killing you.   

Vegan Batgirl is here to reconnect you to the person that you always wanted to be.  The person that isn't just looking back at pictures of the "old" you, the old body that used to work.  And also reconnect you to the happy, fun loving person that actually cared animals too.  

Beyond your health suffering, animals are also suffering tremendously to eat them.  Whether you have desensitized yourself to their pain or ignore their suffering, through their perspective, they are begging for our mercy and do not volunteer themselves to suffer.  More than 60 billion (9x the human population) are bred into existence every year, only to be killed before they are 8 months old.  The industry does horrendous things to innocent baby animals, from removing their testicles with "castrators" that look like wrenches with no anesthesia to grinding up baby male chicks alive, since they are not needed in the egg laying industry.  

And let's face it.  Whether you believe in God or have any spirituality at all, you know that the right thing to do would NOT be to hurt animals for your meals, especially when there are other options.  And so it is when you gluttonously DO pay for animal after animal to suffer, that whether you want to see the connection, the ingestion of death comes back to you. Your health starts deteriorating.  And it's proven over and over again the relationship between eating meat and dairy AND having heart disease, diabetes and higher rates of cancers (resources below).  And here is where Oklahoma needs Veganism.  Heart Disease is your #1 cause of death and only 10% of those that have Heart Attacks survive.  How awful for your family to be left behind based on something that you can likely reverse??!!


THIS IS NOT A JUDGEMENT, THIS IS AN AWAKENING! Most of us were born into eating meat and dairy and never once thought about the Ethics of our choices.  Most people make their decisions about eating meat behind the safety of a Grocery Store Counter or Restaurant, disconnecting them from the abuse they pay for.  Vegan BatGirl has been slaughterhouses and has seen first hand the abuse.  She dedicates her life to listening to the call of "goodness" and doing whatever she can to simultaneously help save human's health, help save innocent animals and help save the Planet we live on with Stunts like Billboards, Vegan Batman Light and more.  Let's get you back to the version of yourself you were meant to be, someone that TRULY LOVES ANIMALS and becomes healthier in the process.  Let's awaken and transform into a PROTECTOR, more aware of your co-existence with other beings on this planet and closer to the consciousness grid of our TRUE PROTECTOR, our CREATOR.


Dear Oklahoma, you have the 4th worst health in the USA.