23 December 2017

ABC - Ch. 8 Tulsa, OK.

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“Owasso city staffers and Owasso police are studying the fine line between free speech and a free ride to jail after a vegan and animal rights activist projected an anti-meat message on the city's water tower at Highway 169 and East 96th East Avenue North."


Fox 23 Article http://www.fox23.com/news/anti-meat-message-on-water-tower-draws-owassos-attention/666269836

23 December 2017

Fox 23 Tulsa, OK.

Who it is!

What It Is?

17 May 2017

ABC - Ch. 13 Las Vegas, NV.

Most of us were born into eating meat & dairy & never actually made a conscious decision about if we even agreed to what we were participating in.  We become numb to what is happening to animals around us, purposely desensitizing ourselves to almost absolve ourselves from responsibility.  It's time to reconnect ourselves to the version that truly loves animals and unwire from this system that profits by the Trillions of dollars first by abusing innocent animals and then by allowing us to die from diseases caused by us eating animal carcasses and secretions.

A new, cutting edge form of activism combining the power of Freedom of Speech with the power of a Giant Spotlight shining Vegan messages directed at blank walls across the USA.

A 8+ year Vegan, who was trying to figure out a way to drive more conversations and more eyeballs to Veganism.  She has led a career in Advertising & Software Business Development, understanding the meticulous preparedness & components of success when transforming someone's mind.  She applies this expertise and creates Vegan Transformations through her creative forms of Activism.

Why it is!

“The woman’s name is Connie S., a vegan activist from Los Angeles, Calif., who travels the country displaying her slides in various public places."


Tulsa World Article http://www.tulsaworld.com/communities/owasso/crimewatch/california-woman-uses-owasso-water-tower-to-project-messages-of/article_52027ead-6e0d-5a04-b8f2-202f0b95d00f.html

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